SCENAR Therapy

What is SCENAR therapy?

The Scenar machine is a short pulse electronic neuro-adaptive therapeutic stimulator. It was first developed by the Russians for the cosmonauts, so they would have a means of treating themselves while in space. Essentially it is a non-painful electrotherapy treatment.


How does SCENAR work?

Scenar treatment works by stimulating the body’s own healing potential by emitting an electromagnetic signal which is almost identical to the human nerve signal. It is operated by placing the device directly on the skin, where it collects electromagnetic signals that are modified and sent back to the body. This signal travels along special types of nerve fibers to the brain, which results in the production of neuropeptides which helps to heal. When applied to the point of pain, the brain also releases endorphins, the body’s own powerful pain relieving substances. A Scenar machine works as a feedback loop, assessing what the body needs and sending back different impulses to the body to meet those needs. This biofeedback is what distinguishes it from TENS machines and other electrical therapies.

How does SCENAR feel, is it painful?

When the machine is placed on the skin, it is adjusted until a gentle, tingling sensation is felt.

What can SCENAR treat?

Back pain
Neck pain
Sports injuries
Knee pain
Shoulder pain
Migraines and headaches
Tennis and golfers elbow
Post-Operative pain
Musculoskeletal and digestive problems
And much more…

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